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"To bring good luck, the better fortune guide was added."

1.Summary - - - - - - Detailed explanation

"Daneki I Ching" is fortune-telling of China using Five Elements.("Daneki" is a Japanese name.) This fortune-telling can divine clearly the "Good or Bad luck" by the Hexagram and Five Elements.
Moreover, "win and lose" can be easily foretold by using this feature.For instance, can I defeat the rival?Can your favorite sports team win the opponent?
So, in this application, you can use by a fortune slip sense.

2.Method of Fortune-telling - - - - - - Detailed explanation

(1)Please select an item on a top screen.
"Divine the thoughts" can divine any thing by selecting "Useful God" corresponding to the content of the fortune-telling.

(2)Please touch the center of the screen six times, while strongly praying about your select item in the concrete.

(3) When you touch the "view result" button , the fortune-telling result is judged by five stages "Great blessing", "Middle blessing", "Small blessing", "Blessing", and "bad fortune". Or, "Outcome of match" is judged by three stages "Win", "Draw", and "Lose". When you touch the "State (blue display)", details of the state are shown with the figure.

When you touch the "view better fortune" button , the better fortune guide is displayed.