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This application program has aimed to win "Janken"("Janken" is Japanese of "Rock-Paper-Scissors". ). This application program teaches you a hand-shape for win.
However, this application program uses the fortune-telling of I Ching because there is no scientific and effective method of winning to "Janken".

I will explain the mechanism that it win "Janken" by the fortune-telling.
please select your hand-shape first. And , when you put out the hand-shape ,this application program will divine "win" , "loss" or "draw".
From the results of this fortune, it will judge whether it is possible to win.

For instance, when you select "Rock", if the fortune-telling result is winning , you can win by "Rock". If the fortune-telling result is loss , you can win by "Scissors" because opponent will select "Paper". To similar , If the fortune-telling result is draw , you can win by "Paper" because opponent will select "Rock".
An important thing is to divine whether it is possible to win by "your hand-shape"concretely.

By the way, I Ching is "There is no telling what may happen is the future.". So, it can not guarantee winning. But ,"Janken God" might smile if you divine seriously .
Or, if you win effectively by this application program might have fortune teller's talent. Can you really win "Janken" by the fortune-telling?
If you have interest ,please try this by all means.

2.How to use

(1)Please select your hand-shape optionally from among "Rock", "Paper", and "Scissors" on a top screen.

(2)Please touch the center button six times, while strongly praying you can win by that hand-shape.
Then the center button is changed to the judgment button.
(Hexagram used by the fortune-telling is made by touching six times, and win-loss is judged from this hexagram. )

(3)When "judgment button" was touched,it display the judgment result and the hand-shape for win.
When you touched the same button ( "won", "drew", or "lost") as actual result of "Janken", the result is counted to the "win-loss records".
Afterwards, the serif of the admiration of the "Janken God"is displayed at random according to the win-loss result.
If you touch the "back" button and do not touch that button ( "won", "drew", or "lost") , the result is not counted to the "win-loss records".


(1) shake mode
When the shake mode is selected, image of Janken can be displayed on the screen by shaking iPhone (Or, iPod touch). ( If you use this mode ,please notice your surroundings very carefully.)
In this mode, "Judgment screen" is not displayed, and you can not know that hand-shape until shaking it.
The display of the hand-shape can switch to the right hand or the left hand by "hand" button of the screen of the "win-loss records".

(2) win-loss records
win-loss records and winning percentage are displayed.