About "Daneki I Ching"

"Hexagram" is shown by six "Line" that consists of the combination of "Yin(Negative)" and "Yang(Positive)".
"Yin and Yang" is decided by throwing three coin or dice at the same time.

In the "yaung", there are old yang and yaun ya small positive (yaung).In the yin, there are "old yin" and "yang yin"(yin).

In this application, "Yin and Yang" has been decided by using the dice program as follows.

At Odd Num., Odd Num., Odd Num.old Yang
At Odd Num., Even Num., Even Num.Yang
At Even Num., Even Num., Even Num.old yin
At Even Num., Odd Num., Odd Num.yin

Then, "Useful God", "Twelve zodiac signs (Five Elements)", "Subject", and "Object" are allocated in each "line" of "Hexagram".

"Good or Bad luck" is judged by relations of the date and "Useful God".
For instance, when "Economic fortune" is divined in the left chart, "Useful God" is "money" and "twelve zodiac signs" is "hare".

The "Good or Bad luck" is judged by relation of between "hare" and "tiger(Month)" , between "hare" and "horse(Day)".

About the judgment of "Good or Bad luck"
The "Good or Bad luck" is judged by relation Five Elements(and the twelve zodiac signs) of the Useful God between Five Elements(and the twelve zodiac signs) at the date.

In this application program, "Good or Bad luck" is judged by the following four items.

1.Seasonal About The Five Elements.

2.Enhancing and Controlling to Day.

3.Enhancing and Controlling to Month.

4.The Twelve Life Stage to Day.

"Month and Day"

Month and Day is shown by "Ten Stems" and "Twelve zodiac signs".

The example) January 1, 2010 is shown "Yin fire ox"(Month), "Yin metal wild boar"(day).
"Yin fire" and "Yin metal" are "Ten Stems. "ox" and "wild boar" are "Twelve zodiac signs".
Table of twelve zodiac signs and the relation of the month etc. is below.

Twelve zodiac
Four Seasons
Ten Stems
Five Elements
mouseDecemberwinterYang waterwaterYang
oxJanuaryturning point
of season
Yin earthearthYin
tigerFebruaryspringYang woodwoodYang
hareMarchspringYin woodwoodYin
dragonAprilturning point
of season
Yang earthearthYang
serpentMaysummerYin firefireYin
horseJunesummerYang firefireYang
sheepJulyturning point
of season
Yin earthearthYin
monkeyAugustautumnYang metalmetalYang
roosterSeptemberautumnYin metalmetalYin
dogOctoberturning point
of season
Yang earthearthYang
wild boarNovemberwinterYin waterwaterYin

Because the delimitation of the month uses "Solar term", first day of month is not beginning of "Twelve zodiac month".
For instance, in January, 2010, "minor cold" of "Solar term" is January 5.
It becomes the "ox(January)" on January 5, and it becomes the "mouse (December)" until January 4.

"Five Elements" and "Enhancing - Controlling"

All things consists in the Five Elements of "wood", "fire", "earth", "metal", and "water" , and there is a relation between "Enhancing" and "Controlling" one another.
"Enhancing" means a birth and a expansion , and it judges "Good luck".
"Controlling" means an ill-treat and an attack , and it judges "Bad luck".

Relation of "Enhancing"
Wood feeds Fire. The wood gives birth to the fire when it burns.
Fire creates Earth. It becomes an ash if the fire burns, and the soil appears.
Earth bears Metal. Metal is produced from among the soil.
Metal carries Water. The drop of water can be done on the surface when metal gets cold, and water is generated.
Water nourishes Wood. The tree grows up with water.

Relation of "Controlling"
Wood parts Earth. The tree sends out roots in the soil, and takes the nourishment of the soil.
Earth absorbs Water. The soil makes pure water become muddy.
Water quenches Fire. Water puts out the fire.
Fire melts Metal. The fire fuses a metal.
Metal chops Wood. The ax made from the metal hews down a tree.

"Useful God"

Useful God is the subject of the fortune-telling.
You must select the best Useful God according to the fortune-telling content among "intelligence", "power", "resources", "colleague", "money" , "subject", and "object".
The twelve zodiac signs in Chinese astrology of Useful God is displayed at the right of Hexagram.
For instance, when you divine the economic fortune,Useful God is "money".
In this application program, because Useful God is set beforehand, the selection is unnecessary except "Divine the thoughts".

"About choice of Useful God"

resources (R) When you divine about parents, grandparents, superior, teacher, book, study, clothes, real estate, stamp, vehicle, telephone, and the Internet.
colleague (C) When you divine about brother, sisters, colleague, competitor, and the same trade person.
intelligence (I) When you divine about your child, grandchild, pupil, doctor, medicine, priest, lawyer, and musical instruments.
money (M) When you divine about opposite sex (wife and lover) who saw from man, money, property, stock, prices, jewel, lost article, daily necessaries, food, article, and machine.
power (P) When you divine about the one to restrain me,the one to add overpowering and harm to me,opposite sex who saw from woman (husband and lover),husband's sisters brother,husband's best friend,Sickness ,work, superior, and extraordinary natural phenomenon.
subject When you divine about oneself, ally in the match fortune-telling.
object When you divine about the other person, opponent in the match fortune-telling.

"Seasonal About The Five Elements"

This shows strength of the fortune of the Five Elements at the four seasons.
Five kinds of strength of fortune is "Prosperous" ,"Reinforce", "Rest", "In prison" and "Death".
This is a "Good luck" in the order of "Prosperous" and "Reinforce".
"Rest", "In prison" and "Death" are collectively called "Declined",and this is a "Bad luck" .
However, even if "Declined" , when a zodiac of "Useful God" is same as a zodiac of Day, it is thought the "Good luck".


It judges by relation of twelve zodiac signs.
"Combination" means a cooperation , and it judges "Good luck" basically.


It judges by relation of twelve zodiac signs.
Each zodiac is a relation that just located on the other side.
"Clashes" means a knock down , and it judges "Bad luck" than "Controlling".


It judges by relation of twelve zodiac signs.
"Damages" is thought so unrelated to the "Good or Bad luck".

"The Twelve Life Stage"

"The Twelve Life Stage" is the rise and fall of the Five Elements.
Four Stage("Prime of life","Birth","Total ending" and "Grave") are used among Twelve in the "Daneki I Ching".
"Prime of life" and "Birth" are judged "Good luck". "Total ending" and "Grave" are judged "Bad luck".